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Corporate Identity

One of our primary goals while working with our (new or established) client will be to create a corporate identity; to establish what its business is in the business world. At that point, we will also create or use existing logo for such business. These two things (corporate identity and logo) are not the same thing, though they are often considered as such. We'll help you to create both, but what is the difference?

Corporate Identity

Corporate identity is a company’s visual presence, which involves the corporate logo and design strategy for corporate marketing collateral. Corporate identity does not encapsulate brand identity, which is best defined as the soul of your company. However, a corporate identity may, and often does, reflect a brand identity. But some ad agencies, marketing companies and graphic design agencies would have you believe that brand identity is the same thing as corporate identity and that changing a logo or design strategy will change the brand identity. However, this is not the case.

There are many intangible factors that weigh in on a brand identity. Such cosmetic changes can help a brand identity by making it evident to customers that a company cares about its appearance, but that’s about the extent of its power. A corporate identity does, however, need to evolve with the times. Failure to do so can negatively affect a company’s brand identity, but care must also be taken to not overly revise the presentation of a brand, lest customers be concerned about the state of a company. Corporate identity, along with organizational culture, product quality, service reputation, features, benefits, performance and value, are some of the key factors of brand identity.


Your logo is only a part of your corporate identity. If you have a good logo, then customers will think of it when they think of your company. They will immediately recognize your logo. Still, it is only a part of the overall image of your company, which is your corporate identity.

Your logo, if designed correctly by a professional company, is your corporate identity all wrapped up into one little image. Through colors and fonts and design features, your logo is made to project the purpose and drive of your company. It is supposed to convey all of these things to customers, simply by being on a sign or on the pages of your catalog printing.

Your corporate identity is something that you have to constantly work on and revise. You must always be conscious of how you are perceived on the market. Your logo, however, is designed with these things in mind, but is then left to do its work. You will likely want to change your logo from time to time, but for the most part it remains static.

Do not let your customers confuse your logo with your overall identity. The logo is only a small part of the big picture.

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