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Search Engine Marketing and Optimization

Interactive marketing is vast and ever changing. As such, every successful online initiative must be dynamic, adaptable and forward thinking to keep the creative fresh, the message clear and consistent with the brand, and the audience interested. We understand that online marketing campaigns need to do more than generate clicks and analytics. They need to create profitable, long-term relationships with a targeted audience. We use a variety of effective proprietary tools (2B-Up) and methodologies to reach your target audience when the end user is most likely to take action for a desired topic, product, or service. Not necessarily in all cases of branding, however SEM and SEO may bring results much faster than everything else combined together.

We strive to make each branding campaign a success by accomplishing defined goals and by providing clients with valuable feedback about their market and their consumers' online behaviors. As we guide our clients to the achievement of their online marketing goals, the true testament to our success is the satisfaction of our clients and their trust in our abilities.

Let's face it: Yellow Pages, TV, Radio, direct mailings, ads, trade shows, and other forms of traditional advertising just can't keep up with the popularity of the Internet. And the Internet uses search engines. This makes your search engine presence one of the most important vehicles in successful branding and marketing plans.

  • SEM or Search Engine Marketing is a set of marketing methods to increase the visibility of a website in search engine results pages.
  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization aims to index and improve rankings for the web pages which are most relevant to the keywords searched for according to the algorithm of each search engine.

The relevant pages are returned in search engine results pages (SERPS), in both procedures. Both SEM and SEO implementation techniques are capable of bringing in more leads and attracting more attention than all other marketing efforts combined. Thus, our agency blends together and constantly monitors and optimizes each online marketing initiative to ensure that our clients yield the desired return on their web investment.

Search engine marketing is a combination of many entities such as website designing, search engine optimization, linking, online advertising and effective content writing. Search engine marketing strategy comprises of factors like website marketing, demographic marketing, search keyword marketing, linking strategies, email campaigns and online advertising campaigns.

We work with our clients to develop a strategy and progressive mile stones for SEM/SEO before we even start the process. Once in motion, it is difficult to stop it without affecting the entire brand...

Factors that we keep in mind before the start of an online campaign:

We put attention to these factors to start a search engine marketing campaign:

  • We see that your target audience is appropriate to the business of your website.
  • For your marketing plan, we see that your search engine marketing efforts are in the right direction.
  • We see what programs and techniques of other persons are there who operate online enterprises.
  • We make flexibility in your search engine marketing plan and do not stick to a traditional or repetitive way.
  • We change your plan if it does not serve your purpose and requirements in an optimal manner.
  • We see that plan is within the reach of your budget. We do not overspend on it.

Elements of search engine marketing strategy

Search engine marketing strategy consists of various elements. We follow the search engine guidelines for designing your website:

  • We focus on the target audience.
  • And we mention the real feature of your products and services in your advertisements.
  • We submit your URL in search engines to make them aware of your website.
  • We use various incentive schemes to attract your customers.
  • We study the competitor ads while making your ad listings.
  • We integrate and include your keywords in ad listings.
  • We use strong and attracting words in your ads.
  • We check your online advertisements and monitor your results carefully.

Focus on search engine optimization

Search engine marketing strategy focusing on the search engine optimization helps to increase the ranking of the website in search engine results. In fact this is the key for all other strategies.

  • We make strategy that focus on high search engine placement for actual search words.
  • We increase branding opportunities for the company.
  • We reduce advertising costs and higher resulting in higher internet visibility.
  • Finally we monitor your program carefully and keep aware about the changing trends and generate the right business strategy helping you to achieve your online goals and objectives.

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